1 x UV Lamp
3 x Dappen Dish
1 x Cuticle Clipper
1 x Tip Cutter
1 x Gel Brush
1 x Professional Sable Acrylic Brush Round
1 x Chamois Buffer with Handle
6 x Block Buffer
6 x 100/100 Grit File Cushioned
1 x 500 Count Tip Tray- Natural
1 x 500 Count Tip Tray -French
1 x Gel Wipe- 100ml
1 x Cuticle Oil With Squeeze Top -25ml
1 x Anti-Bacterial Spray 125ml
1 x illume Bondfast 15ml Acidless
1 x Acrylic Liquid- 125ml
1 x Nail/Tip Glue 10ml
1 x Acrylic Powder White- 50gm
1 x Acrylic Powder Blush- 50gm
1 x Professional Building Gel- Clear 15ml
1 x Professional Building Gel- White 15ml
1x Pro base 15ml
1x Activator 15ml
1x Pro Top 15ml
1x Brush Restore 15ml
1x Dip Powder Holder